Matt Harper for Mayor

I’m Matt Harper, Republican candidate for mayor of East Hartford. I was privileged to be the Republican nominee for State Representative of District 11 in this past November’s election, and I am honored to once again receive my party’s support, now for Mayor. I look forward to the opportunity of using my leadership experience and healthcare training to help guide the rebuilding of our city’s economy during the current pandemic. Thank you for your support! Your vote matters! We can do this together! 


Like our founding fathers, I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My decision-making is shaped by these three ideals.

I will fight for everyone, I will safeguard our freedoms, and I will pursue prosperity for all.


I love our town and I believe it’s worth fighting for. It’s time for positive change!

When I am elected I will revive East Hartford’s economy, I will support our local law enforcement, and I will pursue racial unity in our city.


Our world is increasingly complex. Now more than ever we need to make wise use of our liberties and ensure the unity of our community.

We need strong leaders who think clearly, act decisively, and serve compassionately.

Conversations with Voters–The Importance of Local Elections

Conversations with Voters–The Right to Disagree

Canvassing in East Hartford with Bob Stefanowski

Door-knocking in East Hartford with Bob Stefanowski

East Hartford Public Access TV Interview (19 min.)

A great time meeting this East Hartford business owner with Bob Stefanowski

Conversations with Voters–Taxes a Freedom Issue

Importance of Leadership


There are many issues that I care deeply about, but my primary goal is to rebuild our city’s economy. As a Republican, I want to move in a new direction by lowering taxes and helping small businesses recover and thrive. I’m wondering if those priorities resonate with you and if there are any other issues that you feel strongly about. Click below to let me know what issues matter most to you!

“There is no problem on earth that God does not already have the answer to in His mind.”

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*Candidate photo by CS Hoover Photography

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