As Mayor I will lead with three priorities:

1. To revive East Hartford’s economy

I believe our city has the potential to be a more prosperous place for everyone.  This starts with cutting property taxes beyond a 1% reduction, which the outgoing Democrat mayor has called for.  I also want to create new, higher-paying jobs and make East Hartford a business-friendly environment where existing businesses want to stay and new businesses want to invest.

Businesses prosper when government stays out of their way.  Business owners know best how to manage their enterprises.  They don’t need authorities interfering with regulation and crippling them with taxes.

Our town benefits from large corporations, but I believe small businesses are the foundation of a healthy economy.  When small businesses grow and thrive so does the local economy.

This kind of economic growth is sustainable because it is not dependent on government intervention.

2. To support and equip our local law enforcement

The courageous men and women of our police department will have my backing in every way possible to help them keep our city peaceful and safe.

I disagree with the way many people today are pushing the agenda of “police reform.”  That term is unclear, unfair, and unhelpful because it is so loaded with political baggage.

Without qualifiers, the term irresponsibly misrepresents our police force as being an empowered, rogue group which requires wholesale “reform” from top to bottom, as though the police currently have no accountability system in place whatsoever, and therefore need to be defunded and dismantled.

The truth, in fact, is the opposite.  I have talked with our officers.  I have sat in meetings with them.  In actuality, they have regular and ongoing stringent accountability to encourage and ensure continued improvement and development.

Let me say to our police officers that you may or may not feel the freedom to officially endorse me, but I endorse you.  You and the brave men and women who comprise all of our first responders along with members of the United States military are the heroes of our community, and will have my full support as mayor.

3. To work tirelessly for racial unity in our city

The state of Connecticut and the country at large may be more divided than ever, but I believe in the good will of the people of East Hartford.  I believe we can remain unified, while still honoring our rich ethnic and cultural diversity.

It is critical that as a community we learn to distinguish with honesty, humility, and objectivity the plain truth of the statement, “black lives matter,” from the actions of those who, by their excessiveness, hinder that greater cause.  Before we say anything like, “all lives matter,” we need to pause because it can sound like we are minimizing a much larger issue.  We first need to foster ongoing conversations across ethnic lines, asking for help to see our community through each other’s eyes.

I am committed to the pursuit of these goals and invite you as citizens of East Hartford to join me.

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